Reorganising My Social Networks & Blog

I currently use Twitter, Google+, Facebook, and this blog for interacting with other people. Each has it’s own merits and draw backs, and after thinking about how I could best use each one I’ve come up with the following plan;

Twitter - This will be my most frequently used method of interacting with people. My posts will mostly be related to Android and Technology, but I may go off-topic.

Reason; Twitter, due to its' 140 character limit, is easy to scan. Therefore seems ideal to a higher volume exchange of information, most of which will represent views at a current point in time or will be discussions to help form more thought out opinions.

__This Blog - My intention for the blog is to make it somewhere for my more considered thoughts, opinions, and things I believe may have long-term value to others. The posts will (of course) be longer, but will mostly be focused on Android and Technology, although I may occasionally go off-piste.

Reason; The blog is the thing I have the most control over (appearance, formatting, etc.) and so seems best suited to the things which would give a reader an idea of my views over a longer period of time in the way I want to present them .

Google+ - I’ll mostly be using Google+ for things which fit between twitter and the blog. Things that are too long for a 140 characters, but aren’t necessarily thought through or I don’t think will be useful for a long period of time. This will be slightly higher volume than the blog, but far less than twitter. The information will usually be duplicated on either the blog or, in a condensed form, on twitter.

Reason; Google+, for me, is difficult to use. There’s too much information to scan easily (I know there are Googlers who also share this opinion), and recently it seems to have lost momentum (my new follower rate is <10% of what it was in the first couple of weeks). There are still a number of people on it who seem to like it, so it makes sense for me to keep giving them information using a system they’ve chosen, and there are a number of Googlers who seem to be using it for posting useful information, so it’s almost a requirement to use it to keep up to date on things related to Android.

Facebook (yes, I have a Facebook account) - This is where I connect with people I know socially outside of technology. I occasionally “like” pages related to technology, but unless I know you socially outside of technology then any friend requests won’t by confirmed me. It’s where I post stuff which most techies wouldn’t find interesting anyway :).

Reason; Simple; Most of my non-techie friends are on Facebook.

In order to keep to this plan you may notice some blog posts have recently appeared which have “[Imported from Google+]” at the top. There are posts I originally made on Google+ which I’ve copied over to the blog in order because they’d be more suited to the blog under the new scheme.