Nokia 6210 & SMS Commands

The following are instructions for send and receiving SMS message using a Nokia 6210 connected to a PC via the Nokia Data Cable. This should also work for Infrared connections to between the 6210 and PC, but I have not tested it.

Sending SMS’s

To send an SMS you can type the following. All characters you type are in bold, and all response from the Nokia 6210 are in monospace.

You should replace the sections {PHONE_NUMBER} with the number you wish to send the SMS to, and {MESSAGE} with the message you wish to send. The section marked {CTRL+Z} indicates that you should press the CTRL key and Z keys together at this point. The section marked {nn} will be replaced by a number the ‘phone uses to track the message.






+CMGS: {nn}

Receiving SMS’s

To put the Nokia 6210 into a mode where all incoming messages are sent down the serial line type the following command



NOTE: This will put the phone into a mode whereby any incoming SMS’s are not stored on the ‘phone, but are passed straight through to your console. To return the ‘phone to it’s normal mode (storing SMS’s on the ‘phone, and not sending them through), type the following commands;



Each time a message arrives you will see the following


The sections of the per-message response are detailed below;

{SENDER_NUMBER} is the phone number of the message sender

{MESSAGE_TIMESTAMP} is when the message was send in the format yy/mm/dd,hh:mm:ss+TZ.

{MESSAGE_DATA} is the text of the message.