IPhone Testing Wrap-Up

As you’ve probably guessed, I’m impressed with the iPhone. Given the tests I’ve been doing over the last week I can see why it is an aspirational device. Apps have a consistent feel and are wide ranging, the device is easily portable, it has a pretty decent camera, and it just comes together in a pretty simple to use package.

I’m also pleasantly surprised by Lumia. It falls short in terms of the variety of apps available, but Windows Phone 7 is only a year or so away from it’s public launch, so that’s to be expected. I have to admit I like it.

And then we come to the Galaxy Nexus. Whilst Android 4.0 does bring the device up to where Android tablets have been for a while in terms of user experience, the device seems, well, not that impressive. For me it’s too big, the camera isn’t good enough to rely on in all situations, and, after using the iPhone and the Lumia, I can see why people comment the Android experience not being a coherent one between apps.

So there you have it; After a week playing with all 3 devices I can now understand the view that the iPhone offers a superior phone experience and why people would queue to buy it, I can understand why Microsoft and Nokia have got behind the Lumia with some serious marketing money, and I can understand why, when the Galaxy Nexus was launched in one store in the UK (which was the only place in the world consumers could buy it), they’d only sold 60ish in the first four hours and you could just walk in and buy one.

Lets just hope we see some more inspiring Android 4.0 devices in the near future.