I/O 13 or Droidcon

So it’s been confirmed; #io13 will be yet another free-for-all with the freebie grabbers :(

This means I’m now definitely going to give it a skip it in favour of Droidcon Berlin and droidcon London later in the year. Whilst I’ve had some good conversations at #io events I’ve also had a number of ones which left me thinking “OK, this person isn’t really into coding and technology”, whereas at the Droidcons I’ve been to the only time I’ve thought that was talking to some of the people who have stands and are clearly identifiable as sales people (usually wearing a company T-shirt or something similar). I know that some US folk are going down the same route as me with AnDevCon: The Android Developer Conference or the BigAndroidBBQ.

It’s a shame to see #io descend to this, hopefully one day Google Developers will realise that high ticked demand != a quality conference.