Ice Cream Sandwich Ideas

If been playing with the Xbox360 and its voice control using the Kinect and it’s sparked an idea in my head which I thought I’d post here for comments; What would people think if there was a setting in Android which took you straight into a voice control screen from an unlock?

This would allow users to do things like unlock their device with facial recognition then speak to their phone to get it to do things like dialling home, sending texts, emailing, etc. I can see this would be particularly useful on larger devices where many people tend to use with both hands to interact with the touch screen (one to hold the device, one to interact) which makes them less than idea for situation where you may be already using one hand for something (e.g. carrying shopping).

The screen could be dismissed with a spoken “Home” command, or a click of an on-screen button if the user wanted to interact with the device via touch.

If you didn’t like the idea you could turn the setting off and everything would be the same. If you wanted it you could enable it which would mean that you could unlock your ‘phone and then give it a voice command without doing anything else.

So what do you guys think?, good idea? bad idea?

Feel free to share this around and we can see if it’d be useful.