I really wanted to like the HTC One V. It had all the makings of the ‘phone I’ve been waiting for; A sub 4" screen with Ice Cream Sandwich, and then I played with it.

Sense combined with physical buttons made me feel like I wasn’t gaining anything over Gingerbread. The UI felt a little clunky. And the chin… I’ve never been a fan of HTCs chin-‘phones, and I’m still not. I want something flat to put in my pocket, not something that has this awkward bump at one end.

It really bugs me that the only flat ‘phone I can get with a sub 4" screen and an OS where the major release was less than a year ago is made by Apple. It bugs me that the only Android choices I have are either discomfort of missing out on a years worth of innovation in an OS released nearly 6 months ago.

But I guess I must be in a minority… or maybe the reason that only Apple is running away with 73% of the total profits from mobile ‘phones is that people actually like the smaller form factor.


[73% figure from the BBC article at]