Google TV in the UK

[Imported from Google+]

One plug change and 15mins to setup/update, and I have a Logitech Revue Google TV working in the UK;

Now all it needs is the TV schedules for the UK and a silencer for the fan…

[Update 1 - Answers to some questions asked]

  • TV Schedules are not available so search doesn’t work through them

  • Some apps are region locked and so won’t work (e.g. Netflix)

  • There’s no VPN in use (at the moment ;)).

[Update 2 - From further questions]

  • The setup is using a Humax FoxSat-HD to provide the TV feed over an HDMI connection to the Revue.

  • The Revue has support for controlling the FoxSat-HD FreeSat box and the Samsung UE40C7000 TV it’s connected to via its' IR blaster.