Android Tablets

One phrase from last nights Kindle launch makes me think they’re going to take over the #Android tablet space and have big consumer support;

“…people don’t want gadgets anymore. They want services that improve over time. They want services that improve every day, every week, and every month.”

This has been true for a long time. Consumers buy devices from washing machines to TVs because they want it to do something, not because it has the lastest bit of technology from the manufacturer. The same is true of tablets; Most people I know buy an iPad because they either already have content purchased from iTunes, or have seen what’s available. Few buy them because of their tech specs.

If Google want to stay in the game they need to wake up to this. They need to wake up to the fact the world goes beyond the borders of the USA. They need to start offering a wide range of content around the globe and compete as a global company.

If they don’t they’re going to end up as a minority player in an environment they helped create which, for me, would be a sad thing to see.