(Partial) Android Honeycomb Source Drop?

After checking over the Android Open Source Project repository I noticed an interesting comment in the manifests project;

which made me wonder if some of the Honeycomb source code had been dropped into the AOSP repository, and, well, it looks like it may have done.

[Update : Jean-Baptiste Queru from Google has confirmed there is some Honeycomb goodness in the AOSP repo which comes from the AOSP repos master branch. It’s not the “full” honeycomb, but a snapshot of master that can be used for recreating a Honeycomb build to test any future incompatibilities against]

I’ve checked out the source code and run a build, the build completed, and while the end version just has the version “AOSP”, it includes things like Renderscript which are only found in Honeycomb.

During the build process I also noticed a couple of new build options;

so this could also be the start of Android on x86 being part of the AOSP and the ability to debug Android on code running natively on x86 boxes as opposed to the current requirement to use Android inside qemu which has caused so many performance problems for the Honeycomb emulator.

If you’d like to build it for yourself, here’s the instructions;

  • Initialise repo using the 3.0-base manifest from the AOSP manifests project (repo init -u git://android.git.kernel.org/platform/manifest.git -m 3.0-base.xml)

  • Sync with the repository (repo sync). Note: There is a way to use an existing checkout to speed things up, see here for details.

  • [Update] Synchronize the projects with a Honeycomb tag (repo forall -p -c git checkout android-3.0_r1.3) You can use any 3.0 tag in place of android-3.0_r1.3 if you want. (thanks for the update jbq)

  • Build (. build/envsetup.sh; lunch 1; make)

and then enjoy.

[If you want more details on what exactly is in the code see this thread on Google Groups]