Additional Bandwidth on Threes Cellular Broadband Contract

If, like me, you are on Threes cellular broadband package and you have a monthly allowance which you sometimes use up, you will have found that the only thing three will offer you is increasing your tariff and your allowance, which will only take effect after your next billing date.

There is an alternative though, you can buy a simple pay as you go SIM, use it in your Three broadband modem, and pay 10, 15, or 25 pounds for a 1, 3, or 7 Gigabyte allowance. You do NOT have to buy a new modem, you do not need to buy a special SIM, all you need is your normal contract modem and the second pay as you go SIM.

This means I you have two SIMs, which is less than ideal, but an awful lot better than being bumped up from 15 pounds per month to 25 pounds per month just because you occasionally need more data.